Standard dispatch
Express shipping
Dispatch by freight forwarding services
Collection by customer / Collection by carrier
Delivery via Courier / Intraday Delivery

We dispatch daily via our logistic partners DHL, DHL-Express, freight forwarding services or courier. Of course, you can also order a parcel service or courier of your own choice for the pick-up service.

In general your orders will be safely packed and forwarded for shipment on the day of your order, however, at the latest 24 hours after receipt of order. Please decide yourself how fast your goods ought to arrive at your site.

Standard dispatch:

Within Germany (except islands) we ship standard shipments by DHL parcel up to 31 kg gross weight and maximal measures of 120 cm x 60 cm x 60 cm for a flat fee of EUR 10,-.

Within the European Union we dispatch standard shipments by DHL up to 31,5 kg gross weight and maximal measures  of 120 cm x 60 cm x 60 cm. Shipping fees for the dispatch within the European Union are based on the following calculations:

up to 5,0 kg 17,- EUR
5,0-10,0 kg 22,- EUR
10,0-20,0 kg 32,- EUR
20,0-31,5 kg 42,- EUR

We also dispatch standard shipments worldwide by DHL. The maximal gross weight for worldwide dispatch is 20 kg. In many countries deliveries by DHL standard parcel are also possible up to 31,5 kg.

In case of doubt for delivery to non-European countries please ask for the admissible gross weight and incurring shipping fees.

Express shipping

Within Germany and international we ship Express parcels preferably by DHL-Express. Throughout Germany delivery is already carried out the day after your order.

Throughout Europe delivery in most cases takes place already the next day. You can also choose different, but subject to additional charges, time options depending on the urgency of your shipment (delivery before 9:00 am, 10:00 am or 12:00 am). For express shipments we unfortunately cannot give you flat fees as besides destination and weight of the shipment also further factors have to be calculated (for example the volume weight of the shipment). Please ask for shipping times for express shipments to non-European destinations.

Of course you can also charge a parcel service of your choice as f.ex. FedEx, UPS or other services for the pick-up of your goods.

Dispatch by freight forwarding services

Shipments with a gross weight of more than 31,5 kg or with a bigger strep length than 360 cm are shipped by freight forwarding services. Please ask for incurring costs for dispatch by freight forwarding. The delivery time for national shipment takes 3 to 6 working days.

Collection by customer / Collection by carrier

Of course you can collect your goods yourself or send a courier for taking them over. Please for this pay attention to our office hours. Please contact us beforehand for an appointment for the collection of the goods.

Delivery via Courier / Intraday Delivery

If your production has stopped and nothing works anymore, it can be reasonable to ship your goods via direct courier at your site. In Germany and several countries of the European Union this is also possible by Intraday delivery. Charges and time for the delivery by courier or Intraday delivery have to be inquired individually.